Instead of dozens of services and applications, there is a single platform for organizing the work of the entire company.
We offer a complete set of tools for organizing teamwork of the company, both cloud service and a boxed version.
Create as many group and private chats as you like to discuss ideas and share files.
HD video calls up to 48 people
Chat for free via video with colleagues, clients, contractors. You can start a meeting right from your chat or calendar appointment!
Time attendance and reports
An employee can start, pause and end a working day in one click in Bitrix24. Set a schedule and record hours worked.

Instantly get in touch with any employee, coordinate documents and invoices, communicate with colleagues.
Online office for modern work

Roles and access rights
Distribute the roles in the task: responsible, directors, observers. You can customize task assignment, deadline postponement, and delegation rights.
Project management in different modes
Use lists, checklists, a Gantt chart or a Kanban board to track deadlines and
performers: Collect applications from all channels: website forms, online chats, phone calls and social networks. Contacts, all
correspondence and recordings of conversations will be saved in CRM.
Task templates and robots
Task templates and robots Create templates for regular tasks, configure automatic sending of letters, change of the responsible person and the status of the task.
Choose a convenient mode of working with projects, assign people in charge, use checklists and templates for regular tasks.
Tasks and projects
Working with leads
CRM evaluates the prospects of leads and
tells managers what to look for to increase revenue.
Customer base
Collect requests from all channels: forms on the website, online chats, phone calls and social networks. Contacts, all correspondence and conversation records are saved in the CRM.
Sales automation

Dozens of sales and marketing automation robots will save you time and money.
Connect mail, telephony, social networks, advertising, and end-to-end analytics in a couple of clicks.
Modern CRM,
which has everything
Post office
Connect your mailbox to Bitrix24. Use familiar and understandable scripts for working with letters.
Open lines
Connect VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, and other digital channels in a few minutes.
Everything is saved in CRM

You will get to know your loyal customer even when they reach out to you through different channels. Bitrix24 will show you the history of communication with him in CRM.
Free for unlimited employees
A contact center helps to love your customers
Ready to promote
Your site is already ready for SEO promotion: pages load quickly and meet the requirements of search engines.
Site inside inCRM
The site does not need to be specially integrated with CRM, it is created inside CRM
All customer contacts are saved and get into the work of managers.
Full adaptability

Site blocks are themselves adapted for mobile devices. It will be convenient for clients from social networks to use the site and leave applications.
Create your website using ready-made blocks and templates. Connect online chat and collect requests from customers!
Websites and landing pages - in a simple constructor